Safety Use Code of Aluminum Step Ladders

The applicability of the aluminum ladder is becoming increasingly common in the daily work life,  drawn aluminum ladders  are often used popular mobile jobs such different places in the electricity sector, telecommunications, the internet or need had to use ladders to fix on high columns at the corners of narrow places –  Aluminium ladders A word used in the installation and repair operation at medium altitude with easy postured when the aluminum ladder letter A, especially the work of outdoor workers such as electricians, installers and civil.

Today’s article will help you understand the type profile aluminum ladders ratings (folding aluminum ladder) as well as one of note when using them.



Aluminum folding ladder (Ladder Aluminum Ratings) is the ladder is used extensively in the business, schools, art galleries, facility repairs interior design …. Ladders is a unique design, compact and versatile line of aluminum ladders This helped get the top priority of the current consumers. (See also  withdrew cheap aluminum ladders)
Aluminum folding ladders are used in many businesses, schools, art galleries, facility repairs interior design.

Uses folding aluminum ladder (aluminum ladders ratings):


  • Using multi-function folding ladder users can straighten the I-shaped if necessary working in high altitudes, or folded into a U-shaped, M, L to form a solid fit that job themselves.
  • Can work simultaneously with many people on the ladder without too many stairs Statistics others.
  • Can do scaffolding, shelving, pallet drawing, painting a favourable report.



Ladders can be stretched into the shape I if need to work in high altitudes, or folded into a U, M, L

1 brand of aluminum ladders outstanding ratings: Tungshing, Hasegawa, Advindeq, Little Giant, PAL, LadaMax


General safety rules of the ladders also are applied to aluminum folding ladders. As follows:

  • Ladders must be used on the plane and make sure.
  • Do not use the ladder when you’re wearing gloves greasy, slippery / or insufficient safety footwear
  • Stairs, floor surfaces, stairs… fulcrum should not leave grease on.
  • Absolutely not so many people working on a ladder if the ladder is only designed for one person.
  • Never jump or slide down from a ladder.
  • The tube lifts must be kept clean. Stains, adhesive plaster, paint streaks … need to be cleaned after use. Steps must also be cleaned.
  • Do not use an elevator overload allowed.

Meizu launches M3S: 5 “HD, Metal, Fingerprint Sensor 106 USD

Meizu continues to add to its product range in 2016 with M3S versions feature the same aluminum shell design starting price of only 106 USD. Owned machine screen 5 “720p, MediaTek MT6750 platform with 1.5 GHz processor 8. Meizu also offers a higher version with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of memory.


Meizu M3S bearing aluminum shell design with rounded contours, the front is protected by glass 2.5D same fingerprint sensor located in the Home key is customization features. MTouch 2.1 application allows users to use the fingerprint to applications for many different jobs, not simply unlock the screen.


The back of the machine with a 13MP main camera aperture f / 2.2 AF phase support with 2 colors flash and a circular design.Front camera with aperture f there / 2.0, 5MP resolution. Configuration, the machine MediaTek MT6750 platform owner with eight 1.5 GHz processor, optional two versions 2GB RAM + 16GB and 32GB RAM Memory 3GB +. Compared to the M3 version M3S battery capacity is 3020 mAh battery is increased.

Meizu M3S Hardware

In addition to price 106 USD for 2GB RAM version, Meizu also announced pricing for 3GB RAM version, 32GB of internal memory is 136 USD. A machine with 4 color choices includes gray (black glass), silver, champagne gold and pink gold (rose gold), white glass. The machine will be sold in China since day 18.06.2016. Specifications Meizu M3S:

  • Screen 5 “HD, 2,5 D glasses
  • Mediatek MT6750 platform, processor 1.5 GHz 8-core
  • RAM 2GB / 3GB
  • 16GB / 32GB
  • MicroSD memory card expansion
  • 13MP main camera, f / 2.2, 1080p video
  • Front camera 5MP f / 2.0
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Wi-Fi n, Bluetooth 4.x, GPS
  • battery 3.020mAh
  • 4G LTE Network

Meizu M3S Fingerprint Sensor

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